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TOPIC: Diarroria

Re: Diarroria 06 Oct 2011 21:35 #955

Poor Yuki You've been given loads of good advice Keven & it's all come down to change of diet for Yuki....while you are trying to find the right food for her, anytime she does get loose stools give her boiled rice & chicken...it will settle her tummy & she won't starve....good luck in finding the right choice.....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Diarroria 07 Oct 2011 11:23 #971

Yes I hope you find the right food soon for Yuki. I'm always happy to help and so are the others the site is great for getting advice.

Let us know how it goes soon.
Jessica and the gang.

Re: Diarroria 08 Oct 2011 08:13 #1046

  • venus
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sorry bit late getting back to this thread, been one of those weeks. athena currently gets 3% of her expected adult body weight each day split into two meals. she either as minced chicken, beef or tripe. beef heart, lamb heart, whole rabbit including fur and everything (this is mainly fresh road kill so is frozen 3 weeks before she is allowed it) and anything else i can get cheap for her. 10% of her diet consists of offal either liver or kidney at the moment although she is reluctant to eat the kidney. and 10% raw meaty bones, these are either lamb or pork ribs, chicken carcasses or chicken wings i'm currently trying to source more things for her.
3 times a week i feed her a raw egg in shell and 3 times a week she gets a table spoon of natural yoghurt. i also grind up egg shell and add that a couple of times a week. she gets raw oily fish when i see that cheap or reduced at the supermarket.
i'm new to this its the first time i've fed a dog raw and nothing else. and its very much trial and error at the moment she isn't always keen on certain things. tripe isn't her favourite so currently thats having to be mixed with her beef meals. but i'll not be switching back to kibble ever. aside from it seeming to have helped improve her condition its costing a fraction of what her kibble was costing me.
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Re: Diarroria 08 Oct 2011 14:59 #1055

Well I must say it is interesting what you feed your dogs venus!!! hahaha
How is the diarrohia problem getting on then???????????
Jessica and the gang.

Re: Diarroria 25 Oct 2011 18:35 #1475

  • kevinelsmore
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Yuki seems to be doing well on mostly rice cooked in chicken stock, chicken, carrots, and porridge oats, tinned meat or tuna.

Re: Diarroria 25 Oct 2011 21:31 #1478

That`s great that sounds like a good mix I always give Asia a couple of spoonsfull of active yogart after brekky and she has an egg after her tea perhaps Yuki will like it as a treat too I also add yogart, cod liver oil, honey, cheese and homemade chichen and veg stock to the biscuit treats that I make her, I just made some up fo her today and I added some grated carrots as well
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