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Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH
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TOPIC: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH

Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 04 Sep 2013 11:53 #9202

Hi , my name is Julia and i currently have 2 Akitas Bella and Bear ,
Bear is 4 years old and Bella is 3 years old , they are both terminally ill
Bear has had chronic kidney failure diagnosed at 12 months and he was given a month to a year at that time , he has also recently been diagnosed with VKH , Bella was diagnosed with VKH 6 months ago , i rescued an Akita called Saki 5 years ago, at 6 months old he was diagnosed with VKH he also had many other problems , I wonder if anybody else has had similar experiences or am i just unlucky? , our life is one long round of vets visits, vet hospital visits, my house looks like a chemist shop ! yet i would do it all again a glutton for punishment !

Re: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 04 Sep 2013 16:54 #9203

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That is so very sad. And amazing that you are so strong and loving for your dogs. I keep hearing of akitas with VKH - it is not uncommon. Breeders do test for it. Were all your dogs rescues?

I have had 5 akitas over the years and loved them all dearly. Only the current girl and the only one that I chose and paid for has had a (in bred) problem. She has SA. an auto immune skin disorder. So I don't have a cuddly plush bear but a rather thread bare and sometimes smelly one.

I rescued, a long time ago, a boy with damaged knees who also got prostrate cancer. That was sad but he was a fighter (in every sense of the word) and lived to just before his 10th birthday, which amazed everyone including the vet.

I wish you well and hope your dogs keep going as long as possible which I am sure they will with your care.

Re: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 05 Sep 2013 08:20 #9207

Hi again ,
From the sound of it you have had a rough time too , I think us Akita owners go the extra mile for our dogs because they are such fighters , they soldier on regardless so we can do no less, only one of my dogs was a rescue the first one i had , he was from an animal sanctuary , he was put to sleep at 16 months old as he just couldnt carry on , Bella and Bear are from breeders, wich i sourced really carefully ! from a completely different area of the country, i have been told by the Vet Hospital that there is an 'outbreak' in the Northwest , they have had an increase in cases, it sounds like this awful disease is on the rise . Thankyou for your good wishes

Re: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 07 Sep 2013 22:43 #9208

So sorry to hear about your Bella and Bear, it must be a very difficult time for you I hope I don't sound thick but what is VKH?

My old Benny, who passed on about 7 years ago, had kidney failour but he did very well on his kidney meds, he also had severe arthritis and was on rymadyl most of his life, and just like you we had regular vet and animal hospital visits, but it was all worth while because it kept Benny happy right up until he left for the bridge at nearly 12 years old.

I hope you have many, many more years with Bella and Bear, they are very lucky to have you loving and caring for them
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Re: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 10 Sep 2013 08:49 #9214

Hi ,VKH is an autoimmune disease , wich is possibly related to stress , it can show itself in many ways but the outcome in most cases is blindness caused by detatched retinas wich can happen at any time and is incredibly painful , mine all showed pigment change symptoms , my rescue boy saki was a black and silver and within 2 months he was almost white , i first noticed crustiness around his nose and it turned from black to pale brown within 2 weeks , Bella and Bear show signs similar, their pads have turned pink , they have lost the hair from around their eyes so it looks like they are wearing spectacles ! crusty noses that are losing pigment , the prognosis for this disease is not good it requires constant eye tests as they develop glaucoma , they are both on steroids long term wich in itself causes problems ! as Bear is also a chronic kidney sufferer this is not ideal ! i was told that this is a very rare disease ! i have now had 3 so either i am very unlucky or they came to me for a reason , Bella and i are off to the hospital for yet another eye test and skin check today, wish us luck Thankyou for the lovely pictures regards Julia

Re: Uveodermatalogic Disease or VKH 10 Sep 2013 10:23 #9215

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I think that it was for a reason you have the bears you do. With you they care cared for. Can you imagine if they had gone to a home that didn't care as you do. Someone said that to me about my Hattie and I agree -it makes me love and protect her even more.
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