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Teeth - Smile With Confidence!
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TOPIC: Teeth - Smile With Confidence!

Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 29 Nov 2013 16:41 #9305

  • rescue911
  • Bear Puppy
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Hello everyone, anybody had problems with their Akita's teeth going particularly bad?

Star is in for a veterinary 'Mot' (N.B. she has been suffering from very bad breath lately) and the V.E.T is taking out her two top incisors, unfortunately. We knew at least one was gone grey, the vet has said they are both dead and are at risk of infection, so extraction is best course of action.

She does 'mouth' quite a bit, wondering if she's been suffering the doggy equivalent of tootache (would be great if they could talk and tell us when they're not well).

Anyone had this problem?
Can she cope with no front teeth? (no jokes please)

UPDATE 5 mins ago, they are removing one tooth only asthey're struggling to get the first one out and are coming up to their two hour time limit on the general anaesthetic.

Perhaps we can get her a nice new set like these:
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Re: Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 29 Nov 2013 23:42 #9307

Poor pretty Star, no big teeth! but at least it sounds like she'll be left with one, or will she be having that one removed on another day? It sounds like she could have had a bit of toothake, my old Benny used to rub his head on my leg a lot until he had the built up tatar removed, the vet said it would have been irritating for him. mind you if they are dead she wouldn't feel anything in the actual tooth would she but maybe the sorrounding gum was a bit sore.

I think she'll do okay with no front teeth they always seem to find ways of coping don't they Idon't think she'll manage a bone though, maybe she'll just have to lick it or you'll have to get her some of those nashers in that picture you posted

Give her a big cuddle from me and Asia and I hope she heals quickly let us know how her progress please
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Re: Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 07 Dec 2013 23:11 #9311

  • Suky
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I know the bottom canines are not as important as the top ones some way, but Thorn lost both of these earlier this year when he had the first 2 cms of his lower jaw removed. He is doing almost everything he used to do, but slightly differently.

Star will soon adjust to being a little different.

Re: Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 09 Dec 2013 15:02 #9321

I'm glad to hear Thorn is doing well with his lack of teeth They adapt so well don't they. I know someone who's German shepherd had to have almost a complete side of his jaw removed due to cancer, but given time he soon adapted and the only symptom he was left with was a lot of dribbling
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Re: Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 09 Dec 2013 17:48 #9322

  • Teresa
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Awww poor Star How old is she?

They adapt really well without their teeth though. I had a rescue staff that had to have all 4 fangs extracted. The vet said his teeth were worn right down, exposing the nerves, almost like he had been chewing a brick wall. He was chewing the bars in the kennels, so I imagine that caused it.

He was a little sore for a couple of days, but we fed him very soft food, and added extra water to make it softer for him. It wasnt long before he was back at his pigs ears, he just ate them with the back teeth
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Re: Teeth - Smile With Confidence! 09 Dec 2013 22:58 #9324

  • Suky
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He's doing really well and the vet made a marvellous job of it. His bottom lip has been drawn up and into his mouth and most people don't notice his canines are missing. As Teresa said he just does things differently and is now able to carry his giant tugger and big squeaky toys in his back teeth.

To make sure these stay in tip top conditon we clean his teeth daily. He has a human adult sized toothbrush and poultry or beef flavoured toothpaste. He was not keen at first but now sits and waits for it to be done first thing after he's had his breakfast.

Our vet recommends this to all cat or dog owners and we followed his advice with our 3 Siamese cats who often suffer hugely with their teeth. Our trio all managed to survive into their 18th year with all their teeth intact.
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