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Akira's coat is doing its thing
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TOPIC: Akira's coat is doing its thing

Akira's coat is doing its thing 12 Jun 2014 21:24 #9502

Hello there, I am asking around because I adopted my Akita, Akira just before Christmas and her coat is shedding for the first time since I have had her so it is a bit new to me.

I have been brushing her once a week since I got her but recently there are more clumps so I am brushing her every day, she is very good because she's not mad on it but lets me do it although there is a lot of her walking around the house with me and the rake comb or brush sort of attached and bent double trying to keep brushing as she walks!

I am wondering whether people find their Akitas can feel a bit under the weather when they shed or molt, I only ask because while she doesn't seem uncomfortable or lethargic Akira hasn't wanted any food today, also it was very hot yesterday and also the council was cutting the grass where we live and they have large noisy ride-on lawnmowers that come right up under my front and back windows and they were out yesterday & I wonder if Akira might have been stressed by the noise.

Can anyone tell me whether they notice any of those kind of things - hot weather, unusual noise levels around the house or shedding their Akita's winter coat - stressing their dogs or affecting their health or behaviour in any way? Earlier in the year Akira had an upset stomach for a while and the vet said that Akitas can get upset stomachs as a result of stress - any thoughts? At the time the vet advised plain boiled chicken and boiled white rice at the time which I fed her as she recovered and since then I have been feeding her one of the kibbles by Purina and she still gets boiled chicken with it.

Anyway if anyone had any thoughts and had the time to answer I would be massively grateful. Also a big Hi to Benson's Mum who was very kind and gave me lots of information when I first joined this forum earlier in the year. Thanks everyone & best wishes, Betty & Akira xxx

Re: Akira's coat is doing its thing 14 Jun 2014 20:13 #9504

  • Teresa
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Hi Betty and Akira

They shed(blow) their coat twice a year. The whole of the undercoat comes away The garden tends to look like something from the wild west with tumbleweed blowing everywhere. When Tia is blowing, she becomes quite itchy, and she sits quietly and is generally a little bit miserable

The best grooming aids I have found are the undercoat rake, it rakes out all the itchy undercoat and doesnt damage the beautiful topcoat, and a slicker brush to brush the topcoat.

She hasnt eaten at all well these last couple of days, I agree with you that it is more likely to be due to the hot weather. She would much rather just sit in the back garden and watch the world go by.

I dont find they get an upset tummy any more so than another breed of dog. But if I think Tias tummy is not quite right, then I cook her some white fish and some rice, she likes that for a change every now and then anyway.

Do you have some pics to share of Akira?
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Akira has had an operation to remove 2 lumps 21 Jun 2014 10:25 #9511

Hi Teresa and Tia,

thank you so much for your reply, it was really kind of you, I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond but I got a bit preoccupied because a few days ago i found a lump on Akira's tummy and since then we have been going to and from the vet's. she has had an operation and had 2 lumps removed and we are awaiting results - but Akira seems absolutely fine and dandy and happy in herself. I'm going to try to list this message to you also as a separate new post on the health forum in case anybody has any experience or advice about anything like this (but I might not manage that as I'm not always very computer literate!)

The lumps were just under 2 of her nipples and the vets think it likey that they were cancerous, so I am anxious to know the results and if they were cancerous that all of the affected area has been removed - the vets call this "having clear margins" I think. They told me that if they were cancerous, from the size of them they were caught very early which is a good sign in terms of removing all of it.

I am finding it very difficult waiting to hear - I was lucky because one of the receptionists at the vet's used to have an Akita and she told me that her Akita had a series of lumps, one after the other, they were all cancerous but the receptionist told me that they would just get them removed as soon as they found them, sounds like her Akita still enjoyed a really good quality of life. I'm wondering if anybody out there has had this with their Akita and any advice on how to manage the best for themselves and their dog?

I'm trying to keep focussed on how well Akira seems in herself. And to try to manage the anxiety round the possibility of cancer, try to keep a clear head about the best way forward. But I'm not finding it easy. Never mind I am lucky in how well Akira seems in herself, she doesn't seem in the slightest slowed down by having had an operation and 4 days after the op, is up for her usual walks and routine! and just as kind and funny as ever.

Thanks again Teresa, hope you and Tia are well and happy & having a lovely weekend & big woofs and best wishes,

Betty & Akira.

Re: Akira's coat is doing its thing 27 Jun 2014 21:53 #9517

if you find she is getting hot take her down to the river/sea/pond or get a paddling pool my max loves being able to go off for a paddle im trying to get him swimming too

i find max has days where he just cant be arsed to eat

if you are feeling stressed or anxious at all she will pick up on it too

good to hear she is doing good after her operation

Re: Akira's coat is doing its thing 27 Jun 2014 22:44 #9519

Hello Betty and Akira Sorry I'm late in getting back to your post, I hope Akira is continuing to recover well from her op have the results of the biopsy come in yet?

As for the multing it sounds just like my Asia, she has been very under the weather with her moult, I think it's because she's had this moult so close ot her winter moult, she never has two moults so close it sounds just like what your Akira is going through, has Akira's moods and itching and hair loss eased up by now? Asia is still moulting but it's nearly stopped, she's been very depressed and had a bad tummy just like Akira her itching has been horrible for the poor girl, she had sores and I put teatree cream on them and they dried out nicely but it can be very worrying to see them like this can't it, it doesn't happen every year like this for Asia so hopefully it's a one off for Akira too

Boiled rice and chicken is great for thier tummies, my first akita, Benny, would only eat rice and chicken, he turned his nose up to anything else he rarely had a bad tummy but Asia is allergic to rice so I give her raw carrots and that firms things up, carrots are great for runny tummy, their best part boiled but the raw ones still do the trick for Asia

Please update us if you can about Akira's test results
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Re: Akira's coat is doing its thing 06 Jul 2014 19:49 #9538

Hi everyone

I'm posting about Akira and her operation, she has recovered really well and is back to herself. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and wishes.

The results on the lumps that were removed showed that they were both malignant but had been removed with clear margins, the larger one with what they call narrow margins - apparently that is 2 cms all round - but still clear so as far as we know all the affected area has been removed. They also did x-rays on her chest because the cancer can move very quickly, but the x-rays came back clear. The vets tell me that it's still possible that it could have spread but is too early to detect anything. But mainly they were really satisfied with the operation and everyone is pleased with how quickly and well Akira recovered, she was very sleepy the first 24 hours or so but after that you wouldn't have guessed she had had an operation (apart from the buster collar she had to wear for 2 weeks! She was very good about having to have it on)

The vet said the main thing is to monitor Akira in case of finding any more lumps or any signs of difficulty breathing, but as things stand they think Akira is fine. The main thing it seems to me is that my pup is doing really well.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post about it but it has been a bit of a bumpy ride and I've been a bit knocked by it all. Thank you again everyone & hope everyone's having a lovely summer.

All best wishes,
Betty & Akira xxx WOOF
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