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sebaceous adentis
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TOPIC: sebaceous adentis

Re: sebaceous adentis 23 Aug 2014 20:27 #9603

  • hitman44
  • Calm before the storm
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yes i know its not infectious that's what i wrote
im not sure if we are talking about the same condition as the sebaceous adentis my Diesel as is the one that very much affects him with loss of hair itchy skin are just two of the symptoms your right about the glands but i really do wish it was just a case of keeping the skin nice and clean all i can think why you think it does not affect the dog as long as you keep the skin nice and clean is that Hattie only as a mild case i am not trying to criticize your input but we've had a few months of hell with this condition in which if all it was just a matter of keeping the skin nice and clean he wouldnt be going through hell for the last few months

Re: sebaceous adentis 24 Aug 2014 07:13 #9604

  • Hattiesmum
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It is the same condition and yes she probably only has it mildly. But do check out the FB page because there are others on there with all sorts of answers. it is not easy to deal with at all and the first two years with Hattie were not nice. She was smelly too. perhaps I should have said nice and clean and well oiled and we were very lucky I think because she is not an itcy dog. That mustt be awful.

Your boy may need to have the drugs - it works well on some with no ill effects.

Good luck.

Re: sebaceous adentis 02 Feb 2015 20:10 #9803

  • Nick
  • Bear Puppy
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This is the reason I rejoined the ARW after some years of absence...

My Teddy had a massive attack last year, after near death experience with Sarcoptic Mange.
The first vet failed to diagnose/treat either condition. The second helped a lot with the Mange.

He said sebaceous adenitis was untreatable. Well, like Akitas, I don't take no for an answer
After research I found information (see link below). Sorry if I'm repeating, pushed for time today.

However, I had to join and share this with you. Based on treatment below, but more practical.
Together with good diet and a whole lot of love and care, we beat the condition. Bear's back!

The treatment we used is based on calendula baby oil from Weleda from Boots (link below).
Test on a patch at first in case of allergic reaction. If all's well, scales will fall off immediately.

After this, begin to treat each area comprehensively and when required.

Baby Oil: www.boots.com/en/Weleda-Calendula-Baby-Lotion-1-x-200ml_983241/

Original article: www.akita-friends.com/special/satreat.htm

Apologies again if I'm reposting what you know. I'm just so happy my guy got through it safely.
He's 13 years old now, last December, a lot of people thought he wouldn't make it. He's tough!

All the very best,

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Re: sebaceous adentis 03 Feb 2015 14:27 #9804

  • Hattiesmum
  • Proud and Loud
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Well done! We tried all sorts for about 2-3 years and then we discovered baby oil. Even the vet is impressed. We do have a lion king style tail tho. A small price to pay and sort of cute. So once again well done - so rewarding to beat something that is so hard to beat according to vets.

Re: sebaceous adentis 03 Feb 2015 15:08 #9805

Always good to hear positive news
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