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Puppy Blog - Day Three
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TOPIC: Puppy Blog - Day Three

Puppy Blog - Day Three 16 Feb 2012 06:12 #3605

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We have been such good puppies and are all learning very quickly so we got some new toys today! They are lovely but we do like our plastic bottles filled with things that rattle the best, they whizz across the floor and make a great noise, just like us really. One of the new toys is a big pig which snorts, we were a bit frightened of him at first but foster mum said that was ok because nothing else seems to !

Our most favourite thing in the whole house is the dishwasher, it makes funny noises and smells so yummy. We all tried to get into it but the fosters weren't amused and told us to get down, boo.They are a bit much sometimes, they do insist on brushing us every day, even our teeth! Can't see the point in that but they say it's so we won't grumble when we get big.

Talking about big some of you might not know who the BFG is , well it stands for the Big Friendly Giant , from a book that foster mum used to read to her children. She doesn't read to us though, only the riot act when we mis- behave! Our own BFG , the resident Akita has been playing with us today, she soon put Adora in her place , she was biting too much. Inca is her favourite because he doesn't bite much , Matsumi keeps looking at her and following her around.

Sorry we haven't shown any photos yet, they have taken lots but something is going wrong with the computer thing, we will soon fix it.
Well , we are all tired out now and going to sleep to dream about tomorrow.
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Re: Puppy Blog - Day Three 16 Feb 2012 12:38 #3611

Blimey! you all little brain boxes arn`t you! you can even operate a computer

I'm loving reading your blogs and it sounds like the BFG is going to teach you how to be perfect little akita bears You have to have your nashers cleaned or you'll be like my Asia, she makes her mouth go really tiny so that Ican`t get the brush up the back of her mouth!

The bottle game sounds like fun, my old Benny used to love a plastic bottle to play with, he also liked a ball in the end of a sock to throw around

Sleep tight little babies
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Re: Puppy Blog - Day Three 16 Feb 2012 21:31 #3623

Love hearing how you puppies are getting along...you seem to be having so much fun....the empty plasic bottle is my Maya's favourite, even though she has a huge box of toys!!!!....now be good puppies & have your fangs cleaned, you will thank your foster mum when you're all grown up Akitas....you will have the sharpest, whitest, strongest teeth & you will be able to eat anything!!!!.....night night puppies. .....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Puppy Blog - Day Three 16 Feb 2012 21:33 #3624

Oh & keep away from dishwashers, tumble dryers & washing machines....nasty things can happen to puppies when they climb inside them!!! .....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Puppy Blog - Day Three 16 Feb 2012 22:01 #3629

Well I am rally enjoying the puppy blogs there greaaaat!

Anyway glad you cheeky lot have had a good day, seems like youre busdy eh?! Ahaha!

The bottle game sounds so much fun, just like a plastic kong eh, and yes as the others said you dont want those teeth to fall out do you!!!!

So, have sweet dreams about chasing each other and being naughty little pups, and remember be good for fosters and temporary Akita mum!

Jessica and the gang.
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