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TOPIC: quick intro....

Re: quick intro.... 11 Feb 2012 08:27 #3454

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hi all
sorry not been on here it hard with working an kids and 3 pets. thought i'd update you all on mika progress. her training is coming along excellent she is really turning into a fantastic dog, she still gets excited with new people but she is calming down loads
its been a very traumatic 24 hours for mika.. we took her to the vets yesterday to get spayed.. they said alls well we'll take her through an give you an ring when she wakes up.. dinner time came an went an i'd heard nothing, so i thought sod this i'm ringing, i get told that she's had the op but she's very sleepy ring back in an hour or so. so i ring back an hour later they say ok, she's still very sleepy but you can pick her up later this evening, ok thank you i say.. so my fella and I go to get her an was left waiting for a while, finally the vet came trough to tell us that experienced some 'complications' in surgery, apparently she bled out an they had to open her up more to find the bleed, they let us take her home but they said to keep checking that her gums are a salmon colour to make sure there are no signs of internal bleeding, well you can just imagine how horrible the thought of that happening was, i didn't sleep much but that was ok cause she was up all throught the night crying, we're taking her back today as i think she may need some stronger pain killer..
I feel so guilty for putting her through this, i know its for the best but seeing my beautful girl like this is heart breaking..
thanks for listening

shelley and mika

Re: quick intro.... 11 Feb 2012 15:57 #3462

Oh Shelley you must have gone through the mill ....I had Maya speyed 3weeks ago & I was beside myself for putting her through the op, although it is the best for them....but for poor Mika to have complications & I'm sorry, but I think your vets were very complacent about what happened to her & then not to let you know before you picked her up...if she was in danger of any internal bleeding they should have kept her there so they could keep an eye on her...I know it would have cost more, but to just hand her over with something so serious is beyond me ....they're equipped for such emergencies in the surgery & you're not at home...Maya cried all through the first night & was very groggy, but soon came round the next day...& by the 3rd day I had a job keeping her quiet!!!....hope you can keep Mika quiet, especially with the added complication....fingers crossed nothing more happens & she recovers well....you're doing a brilliant job looking after her, so don't feel guilty(I did & now it's like nothing ever happened ).....let us know how Mika is getting on ......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: quick intro.... 11 Feb 2012 18:00 #3463

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hi pam,
so glad your maya is better now and omg the difference in mika today is amazing. she is more than back to her normal self today but the problem is she wants to play. she's jumping and messin its a job in itself to get her to keep 4 paws on the ground. glad i'm of work this next week to look after her. i took her back to the vets today an they said that she is ok now and her sore has no signs of bruising at all so thats good, they give us some pain killers that seem to help her alot.. i am glad we had her done just feel guilty for putting her through it..
she's back on wednesday for another check, fingers crossed everything is ok..

shelley an mika

Re: quick intro.... 11 Feb 2012 21:57 #3467

I'm so glad Mika is on the road to recovery & almost back to normal. ....it's hard trying to keep them calm, but I shut the curtains(as she keeps jumping up at the window cos she's so nosy!!) & luckily I was given a toddler gate & kept her in the front room, also kept Sunny out(my son's Rottie as they're always playfighting!!)...I allowed Scoobie in, but if he misbehaved>>>out he went ...slept downstairs with her, but only for a couple of nights, so uncomfortable on the settee ....but I used the gate again to keep her in the one place....it's the inside stitches that you have to be careful of, as you can't see them like the outside stitches....sounds like Mika's going to be ok & she will soon be back to her Akita ways .....fingers crossed for her.....keep in touch....big hug & xxxxx for her ......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: quick intro.... 12 Feb 2012 00:11 #3469

That must have been very worrying and frightening for you, but I'm glad mikka is feeling more happy, I hope her recovery is still positive today I'd want to slap that vet for not keeping me informed though!!!
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Re: quick intro.... 12 Feb 2012 00:33 #3472

With you there Pauline ...still at least Mika's ok ......Pam Maya & Scoobie
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