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TOPIC: Hello from a newbie

Hello from a newbie 22 Aug 2017 12:26 #27796

Hi everyone

Thought I'd say hello here, I do have some questions about my newly acquired rescue 'bear' which I'll post a little later.

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Re: Hello from a newbie 15 Oct 2017 00:08 #27798

Hello Roleys mum I'm so sorry to be late getting back to you, but it's good to see you here I love the picture of your Roly and sweet german shepherd cross? please tell us more about the pair

I've had akitas for about 23 years, my Asia is from akita rescue and she'll be 13 in January, so if you have any questions please as away I look forward to hearing more from you and Roly
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Re: Hello from a newbie 16 Oct 2017 13:10 #27799

Hi Benson's Mum, wow, 23 years of Akita's, you are clearly hooked
Roley is our first Akita, he is 9 years old and we adopted him in July this year. He lived on the streets of Luton and London until his homeless owner sadly passed away earlier in the year.
After 30 years of living with dogs, we have found Roley to be a most interesting character, he is massively loving, cuddley and loyal and has what we call his 'spanner' moments when he charges through the house like a puppy, he makes us laugh every day with his funny ways.
Roxy is our almost 6 year old German Shepherd x Collie who we rescued 4 years ago, Roley loves her very much. We all live together with 3 cats too, now that started off as an 'interesting' situation, however, Roley has stopped chasing them now, well, most of the time.
We adore our dear bear and he certainly commands a lot of attention out on walks!

Re: Hello from a newbie 16 Oct 2017 14:55 #27800

It looks like Roley landed on all 4 paws when he found you but it sounds like he came from a sad sittuation Akita's are very loyal and loving and tons of fun, he apprears too be a zoomie (Roly's "spanner" moments) loving akita too My Asia ,(my now akita) used to love to zoomy around the garden and house and yes it is very funny to see a big old lump of an akita rushing around like a puppy never fails to raise a smile, but Asia is almost 13 now and her zoomy days are over because she has arthritic hips and a spinal hernia, it's all under control and she is on medication and in no pain, she's still a very funny and extreamly loving lady, her walks are limited to about 15 mins and consist mainy of sniffing, she then does her poo and turns round for hor home yes...she still has her akita independant mind, that hasn't slowed down at all, does Roly show his independant akita mind?

Funny that you have GSD collie cross because I had a GSD/collie cross "Eddie" with my first akita Benny, they were the best of freinds for a good few years, but sadley close to the end of their lives they strarted to fight, it was my gsd cross who started it and then he was diognosed with cancer and the vet considered that it could have been one of the reasons for the start of the aggression, it's all a bit complicated, we managed to live with them appart until my little Eddie (the cross) passed away at almost 15 years old.

Has your Roley started to 'cast' his coat yet? it's a thing to be seen...all that fur!!! my Asia is at it now, I've just done her grooming session and almost filled another bagful of fur!

Well...I'd better be off, it's good to see you hear, the forum has been so quiet for some time, but if you have anything you need to ask, or you just want a good old natter about your Roley please come back to the forum and I'll get back to you
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Re: Hello from a newbie 16 Oct 2017 20:49 #27801

As Akita 'virgins' it is great to be able to chat to someone who understands them well. How very sad that Asia (brilliant name) has ailments but I guess at that age it's only to be expected that something will crop up.
We love to see Roley charging about it makes us laugh so much to see him happy and having fun, he is a joy to behold and definitely takes away so many burdens of each day.
His coat has been blowing on and off, big clumps of it but one of our house cats Gingi, he's an Exotic of the Persian breed sheds horrendously at various times of the year, so we're not fased about the fact our once lovely burgundy carpet is tinged with clumps of fur as well as it rolling around various corners of the house. The vacuum cleaner is a joy to behold!
Yes Roley does demonstrate his independance a lot but we've come to learn there is a huge element of respect with him from his side as well as ours. We feel very priviledged to have him in our lives, he can be a pain in the backside when he's charging about in excitement with the tv remote control in his mouth, Roxy's bed or the water bowl soaking everything along his path but he is what he is, enjoying his twighlight years, safe, fed, watered, walked and very loved. Roley is a gem, a gentle giant who is independant but reliant at the same time.
I think we might be a little bit hooked
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Re: Hello from a newbie 01 May 2018 20:13 #27817

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Hi and thank you for rescuing your beautiful boy, hes gorgeous!

We dont use the forum much so apologies for not responding sooner. Join our Facebook group and share some pics of your boy, you will get a wealth of advice in minutes on that page X

If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !
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