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TOPIC: New Girl!!!

Re: New Girl!!! 22 Jan 2012 23:49 #2906

Hi Karen Maya, Koda & family....good bit of advice from Pauline about Koda having a chop!! ...it might sort some of his aggression out....remember Akitas are very dominant & after Maya's season he's probably taken the alpha role on...as you're the BOSS you will have to take charge of him....also like Pauline said, there could be other reasons why he's become so protective, maybe someone on the forum with behaviour expertise will come to your rescue.....I have a Maya too!! ....she's white & red & is a tweenie like Pauline's Asia & Stephanie's Anouk...my daughter has a long haired brindle Akita & a brindle Akita cross....love the pics of Maya & Koda....beautiful, gorgeous bears, also love the puppy pic ......hope you get things sorted with Koda & please more pics.......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: New Girl!!! 23 Jan 2012 06:34 #2907

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2 things immediately strike me about your situation, you have an entire dog and bitch. Therefore the time around seasons are likely to be a bit 'tense' anyway due to hormone swings on both sides. So on the 2-3 weeks before and the 2 months after you may see behaviour changes on both sides.

at 19 months he's about in his 'Larry the larger lout' phase. So starting to be a bit bolshy, throwing his weight around and seeing how far he can push things. I would generally recommend getting both of them spayed/castrated as this is probably the simplest way to reduce or eliminate the problems. Bear in mind it can take several months for the hormones to disperse totally though.

Re: New Girl!!! 23 Jan 2012 07:06 #2908

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Hi Karen

Koda is challenging the pack for position and feels that it is his duty to protect. He is protecting/guarding you from a young boy child.

I would most definitely have him castrated as soon as possible. It is not guaranteed to resolve the issue but sometimes it is the answer. As Kate said he will also get possessive with your bitch if she is not done.

I would also make sure that he does not sleep anywhere near your bedroom so that he does not feel like he needs to guard you. Sleeping places are high value and he thinks it is his job to guard you.
He should sleep on the lowest floor, and away from any children that might disturb him during the night. He should not sleep where he chooses but where you stipulate. They tend to like doorways as they like to guard them (even if not aggressively).

You should also raise your sons position in the pack. Koda needs to listen to him. This should be done under professional supervision. If you have pet insurance, read the small print as you might be covered for a behaviourist. Even if you are not, I would have an experienced behaviourist come around to give advice as it could prevent you from having to re home him or even worse, having him put down.

Please let us know how you get on.
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Re: New Girl!!! 23 Jan 2012 10:28 #2909

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Thank you so much for all the advice koda has since been sleeping in the kitchen with no other problems as yet!!
We got him chopped last summer, round about the time Maya was coming out of her season, seemed to have helped slightly
He follows me round wherever i go in the house or garden and is always right beside me, he is so gentle normally, i just dont like the growling that he does, he doesnt do it all the time, i guess just when he feels threatened ??
It would be so upsetting to have to rehome him as he is a great bear and the kids love both my bears to bits
Outside the house he loves all the attention he gets, he had a wee staffy go for him on the lead the other day on the school run which he didnt like but he didnt retaliate in anyway He loves to play with other dogs!
I guess perseverance and firm continuation of training??
Karen, Koda bear and Maya xx

Re: New Girl!!! 23 Jan 2012 14:58 #2912

Koda does sound like a sweetheart but as has been said, he's at "that age" he needs to know that he doesn`t need to do any of the protecting stuff My old Benson was the same at that age, he was always trying to have a pop at his companion Eddie, I took advice from his breeder (who was also a dog trainer) he said the Benson needs top see us as the pack leader, so whenever he growled or tried to attack Eddie I had to stand between them and very firmly say Noooooo!!, Benson had to see it as me saying "you've gotta get through me first!" then I`d get him to sit, then tell him to go to his bed, when I thought he'd got the message I would take him to the garden under control, it worked for a few years I don`t know how you're dissaplining Koda but Perhaps you could do something like this with him, when he growls you show your disapproval with a long drawn out and meaningful "Noooooooo!!!" you point at him as well to show disaproval you tell him to sit if he`s laying down and down if he`s sitting then you can remove him (to heel) from the place where he was being protective and take him to another place where you tell him to sit stay for a while, then after a few mins of him being a good boy you call him to you and give him a fuss, it might sound drawn out but it will tell Koda that he isn` t the boss and he has to do things to please you, if your want your little boy to take part in the rutine remember to tell your little 'un to be extra specially quiet so's not to confuse Koda.

As for the doorway protecting, I was told that when they do that you must step over them a few times so that they see they're not stopping anyone from going through the doorway, it`s a good dominance excersize, it shows you and anyone who steps over him as being boss, but don`t do it if you're not sure of Koda`s reaction. There are other excersizes that show you as the dominant one but personally I think it`s best to join a good training club and do it under supervison, its fun too I think the main thing is that at his age this sort of thing can become "learned behaviour" if not nipped in the bud, then it`s hard to change it, check out some training clubs, or as suggested earlier, a behaviourist
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Re: New Girl!!! 23 Jan 2012 21:33 #2924

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HI Bensonsmum, I do discipline Koda and think i am quite firm with him, but i dont put him anywhere to stay.............maybe thats where i am going wrong? I should try and praise him more when he is a good boy too
The last 2 days he is a cheeky wee boy......whenever i pop out for a wee while he is weeing and sometimes pooing in the kitchen He knows he has done wrong when i come back in and he doesnt look at me.................its like he is punishing me for leaving him koda is just too clever!!

I shall try with youre advice and let you know how i get on.....thank you so much for all youre help and support
Karen, Koda bear and Maya xx
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