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TOPIC: New Girl!!!

Re: New Girl!!! 24 Jan 2012 14:40 #2928

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bensonsmum wrote:
As for the doorway protecting, I was told that when they do that you must step over them a few times so that they see they're not stopping anyone from going through the doorway, it`s a good dominance excersize, it shows you and anyone who steps over him as being boss, but don`t do it if you're not sure of Koda`s reaction.

I wouldn't do this, I'd ask him to move out of the way instead. Forming the habit of being able to move the dog (gently) out of your way when you want to move around is good manners as well. I do sometimes step over my dogs, but would ask them to stay before doing so.

Toileting indoors is generally a stress thing, and could even be stress in anticipation of you returning and being cross. He is unlikely to associate toileting in the house (possibly quite some time ago) with you being cross. More likely he's learning that you returning is a bad thing .... They certainly don't 'punish you for leaving them', more likely they're either stressed being left, or worried about your return. Crate training is a great way to get over this, he's a lot less likely to toilet in a confined space where he can't have separate areas to toilet and sleep, and then you can let him out before and after you go out. This breaks the habit that it sounds like he's forming. It worked fantastically with my unsocialised rescue/kennel bitch who had (at 2 years old) no concept of house training when I got her. Do introduce the crate slowly so that he's not stressed in the crate though.

Re: New Girl!!! 24 Jan 2012 18:18 #2930

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We did the crate training with koda when he was a puppy and it worked very well and he was house trained really quickly No presents left for me today while i popped out! Maybe it was just a couple of slip ups Normally when i come home they come pounding up for cuddles and get lots of attention, when there's no presents left for me that is

As regards the doorway protecting i can either step over him or he ups and moves anyway, if the kids approach him when he is near a doorway he moves, the incident that happened that night has never happened before and he sleeps in the house every night, not any more, he is put in the kitchen to sleep now.

Thank you to everyone for advice
Karen, Koda bear and Maya xx

Re: New Girl!!! 24 Jan 2012 23:06 #2939

Hope all settled well for you & your bears Karen.....keep in touch with us & let us know how things are going & also don't forget the pics!!! .....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: New Girl!!! 25 Jan 2012 00:17 #2946

It's great that he lets you step over him, it sounds like everything is fine maybe he just needs a little reminder who's boss in "his" house every now and then My Asia does! if she gets pushy in "her" house like growling at everyone who walks by! I do a bit of general training with her, that soon puts her in her place

More piccy`s of your special bears please
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