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TOPIC: im new and need advice!

Re: im new and need advice! 16 Feb 2012 12:29 #3610

You said-:
" the one who she was aggressive towards tries to compensate by talking to her quite loudly and tries to stroke her, but body language says alot!"

In my experience and most of the time this sort of reaction can only make the situation worse, my Asia is worried by load voices and when I first got her I issued a firm loud voice to correct her, all this did was to make her more fearful and a couple of times she growled at me in a defensive way so I softened my tone, made it much more sort of sympathetic with quete a few "gooood girls" thrown in (obviousley only when she was goooood) and she started to respond almost instantly Also stroking her is like rewarding her for her bad behaviour Sometimes it`s best just to completly ignore her bad behaviour and just do the removal technique or there is another thing that shows her you don`t approve and it's to do with that "body language" you mentioned, it works well with excitable dogs and I've used it when Asia got grumpy and started to do her "angry hyena" impersenation You just turn your back on the badly behaved dog, fold your arms in front of you and look up to the ceiling saying absolutly nothing (everyone else in the room has ot silent and ignore her too) this is saying to the dog that he/she is of no importance to you whatsoever! and they usually calm down, or they can be silently removed to another room So really it`s about only rewarding good behaviour with a stroke or treat and ignoring all unwanted bad behavior either by removal or body language, most of the time the removal from the "pack" works best
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Re: im new and need advice! 16 Feb 2012 12:52 #3612

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thankyou so much for your advice. It is really good to speak to people who truly understand the akita. Too many people are far to judgemental about the breed in my area. When Keeta was still a pup we got a trampoline for my daughters birthday. Keeta hated it and started to jump up at the children in a manner that looked aggressive. I took her to the vets who advised me to put her down there and then. I came home and contacted the lovely people who run the Akita rescue and welfare ( obviously distrought at the thought ) who said that they thought it was a common behaviour of trying to protect the children and get them away from this huge , dangerous thing that had suddenly appeared in the garden. Needless to say, i have changed vets and put in a complaint against this vet who knows nothing about the breed. Anyway, rant over.lol.x

Re: im new and need advice! 16 Feb 2012 21:11 #3619

Thank goodness you changed the vet Elaine ...wonder if they would have said what they said if it had been any other breed!!! ....they should have read up about the breed before saying a puppy Keeta should be PTS!!.....thankfully you sought advice from Akita owners ......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: im new and need advice! 16 Feb 2012 21:28 #3622

Well they shouldnt say that I bet you any money they would say different it she was a Labrador or collie (no offence to anyone) but its true!!!!

Hope everything goes well pictures soon please!!!
Jessica and the gang.
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