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Sorry not been around for awile!
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TOPIC: Sorry not been around for awile!

Re: Sorry not been around for awile! 01 Mar 2012 23:15 #3901

Maya like her Tweenie Twin Asia loves water, but she dosn't gentle wade in it, she splashes through like a maniac .....but she still won't swim????.....I tell you these Akitas are a complete enigma .....maybe one day Beau will like her days in the swimming pool?? ......Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: Sorry not been around for awile! 02 Mar 2012 20:08 #3923

Hi and yes weve missed you loads, SO sorry about the asthma, but on the bright side Beau got through her KC and maybe passed it on to you, cheeky Akita Bear;)

Anyway great to her from you I was going to start fun swims with my Westie Charlie Boy, he loves the sea but hates rivers maybe because when he was about 1-2years old we went on a walk to the river we were throwing a ball in as per usual not too far though, and a stick caught charlies collar and was dragging him down with the current of the river and my brother dived in and saved him I was too young, mam wouldnt let me:/

Jessica and the gang.

Re: Sorry not been around for awhile! 03 Mar 2012 18:36 #3948

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Awe poor Charlie! Beau would have been scarred for life!

Funny enough my problems started just after Beau's KC and I think it could have been a trigger as I slept downstairs at the side of her for over a month. But I couldn't tell the doctor that, he laready mentioned being an allergy to her.

Don't think Beau will ever like water! She nearly freaks when she runs to the side of it!

Beau & Polly
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