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TOPIC: Hi From AKita Forum Noob

Re: Hi From AKita Forum Noob 18 Mar 2012 23:19 #4124

Hi... unfortunately we all come across irresponsible dog owners, who (this one makes me real angry ) will let their unleashed dog come up to a leashed dog ....asking for trouble or what??....& as you so rightly say, it would probably be our Bears that would get the bad press ....not so long ago, one of our forum members Dave & his Akita Bear Kobi were both attacked while out walking ...the owner of the two unleashed dogs wasn't even bothered & left them both with cuts, which had to be stitched ...so far the police havn't been able to find them ...so I think you're quite wise to muzzle him, although it's a shame it has to be Kai that's muzzled & not the aggressive dogs that you both meet....actually it should be the irresponsible dog owners that should be muzzled ....hope you manage to beef Kai up with his food, I'm trying to get Maya to shed a bit of weight at the mo' as she's a wee bit hefty ....will I succeed???..doubt it , but I'll make sure she dosn't put any more weight on .....Pam Maya & Scoobie
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