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TOPIC: Hello! Pi

Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 14:54 #4172

  • Lisa
  • Bear Puppy
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My name is Lisa, completely new to the forum (and the world of akitas) so thought I'd introduce myself and then ask my question!

So I'm 22, just about to graduate from university with a masters in engineering. I've accepted job based in Aberdeen which will leave me there for the next 10-15 years or so! I'm moving to Scotland with my other half in August after two and a half months of holiday at home.

After having a dog before going to uni I've been looking forward to the day that I am settled down and can have a dog again. Finally that day is in sight! I'm interested in getting an Akita but have to breach the difficult situation of working and having a dog. We are both going to have full working days come September but are still both wanting a dog. Fortunately I have flexitime so would be able to drop home at lunch. We'd also be able to give full walks in morning and evening and plenty of playtime.

I know this is a touchy subject for many, hence why I'm doing full research as to whether this is the right decision to make and so im looking for a few opinions from Akita owners on their schedules and what they think. It's important to add I'm not looking to get a puppy but a rescue one instead. Id also have a full two months to get the dog into a schedule.

I've not made a decision or anything yet so please don't flame me. The dog always comes first and if this isn't the right option for me yet then that's understandable.

Thanks for your input and opinions.


Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 15:41 #4174

  • AkitaInu
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Personally, I'd be inclined to settle into the new job and routine before adding any dog. You don't know what the new job really holds until you start (I speak from experience). I would recommend that you move, find a place to stay, settle into the new job and then start looking for a dog when you've been in the job for 3-4 months at least. That way you know how the flexi-time works (been there) and what is realistically possible rather than the theory.

Knowing that, you can look for a dog that suits your situation best. I'm sure there'll still be plenty of rescues available in 6 months time! It also gives you time to meet akitas, find out more about living with the breed and make an informed choice when it comes time to actually take a dog home.
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Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 16:54 #4175

  • Joomla
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Hi Lisa,
Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your time here.
Fully agree with Kate, wait till you are settled in Aberdeen and your new job and see how your routine works out.
As you have said you do not want a puppy, then the rescue would probably see what time the dog will be left and probably suggest a dog of perhaps 3yrs or more, by this time they will have quietend down a bit and will not object to being left a few hours.
Also we have adopters in Scotland and they sometimes meet up for walks, you can join the walks and talk with the people who have adopted an Akita and they can give you first hand advise about them.
The walks will be advertised on the forum, so if you see any in your area now or when you move, just say you will be there !!!!
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Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 17:28 #4176

  • Lisa
  • Bear Puppy
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Thank you both for your replies.

I was thinking waiting was a possibility, just wondered if the three months off prior to working would be a good time to get the dog use to a routine and use to me etc. But I really appreciate your input and can fully agree with you.

I'm also very intrigued about these dog walks so will definitely keep an eye out for those as I would love to join in. What a fantastic idea!

Thanks again


Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 18:01 #4178

  • Foggy
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Hi Lisa
Welcome to the forum

I would post about my dog , but I am unsure he is typical of the breed , and would prefer if others (more experienced than I ) would post about Akita / American Akita behaviour .
I wouldn't know what bringing a child into an established dog's "home" would mean either .. anyone ??

I too am an engineer (electronics) , and have worked flexitime .
My experience is that the better you are at the job , the more "flexible" your hours become .
Unfortunately , the flexibility is for the employers benefit not yours , and you may find lots of hours over schedule that are bought back at the end of each month .IMHE

Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 18:04 #4179

  • xmuadx
  • Akita Savie
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Hi Lisa
Welcome to the world of Akitas!
All I can say that they are a lovely breed and you will be besotted with them when the time is right for you to get your own. Like you, we did lots of research before taking the plunge, and have never regretted it.
I think it would be a great idea for you to join in with some local walks, someone might even have a dog you could ' borrow' for the walk, if like us they have more than one!
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