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TOPIC: Hello! Pi

Re: Hello! Pi 22 Mar 2012 21:44 #4185

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Lisa wrote:
I was thinking waiting was a possibility, just wondered if the three months off prior to working would be a good time to get the dog use to a routine and use to me etc. But I really appreciate your input and can fully agree with you.

In theory, yes, however, in practice the routine you have when not working is nothing like the routine you have when working. So the dog gets used to the 'non-working routine' and then is unsettled when you go to work. It's almost easier just to take a week off and then the dog gets into the 'work routine' and it all goes much more smoothly.

The more research you do the more likely it is that you'll get a dog that suits you ... and that makes for happy dogs and happy owners !

Re: Hello! Pi 23 Mar 2012 23:29 #4191

Welcome to the forum lisa, I'm so glad you're doing your research before diving into the world of akita`s

The first ting I'd like to mention is that rescues can take a long time to settle into a rutine, although they get well assessed they can come with unknown problems, depending on the situation they've come from, so leaving them for the length of a full working day after only a few months or weeks might be stressful for the dog, but, saying that, some arn`t too bothered by being left Akita`s do like company though (even thought they pretend to be completly independent and self reliant ) and they can become destructive if they`re left alone for a long time. They can find changes in their situation hard to get used to, my Asia took weeks to get into new habbits when we got her and she sulked for 2 weeks when we moved house We had three homes with my old Benny and he sulked for three weeks each time we moved! so they can be a sulky breed If you do get a rescue akita perhaps you might think about arranging for a profesional dog sitter to nip in each day and take the dog for a little walk or just let it out in the garden and sit with it for a while, maybe play with it and generally keep it company, your vet should have details of recomended sitters, I don`t think they're very expensive

Please keep in touch via the forum and ask all the questions you want
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Re: Hello! Pi 26 Mar 2012 13:43 #4234

Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum and Akita world, Im only 12 but I would get a dog 3 month or so after youve move in because if you gt it before it my settle and then once you move it will probably feel uncomfortable and unsettled especially with it being an Akita, we had four homes with our Inka and he sulked a few weeks too
each time, but he is quite happy-go-lucky to be honest!


Re: Hello! Pi 30 Mar 2012 20:11 #4351

  • Lisa
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Thanks for being so welcoming every body!

I'm so looking forward to getting involved with the breed!

Lisa x

Re: Hello! Pi 30 Mar 2012 22:33 #4356

  • Loulou11
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Hi Lisa,
I am also new to the forum, my wife and I recently fostered an Akita called George from friends of Akitas.
We went along to an organised get together and wound up fostering the old guy we were allowed to walk.
It really helped talking to several people re the breed, getting different view points and getting answers to some concerns.
We are lucky, both my wife and I work nights, so George tends to sleep after his evening walk, and we have had no reports of barking from our neighbours. During the day however like most Akitas he loves the company, so would suggest either a mid day visit by you or use a dog walker.
Do your homework re the breed, understand that you and your partner need to be in charge, and finally be prepared to loose your hearts to the best breed that I have encountered.
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