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TOPIC: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012

Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 17:41 #5516

  • 2Inus2012
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I Just wanted to post a message on the board to say hi to everyone and introduce ourselves and our two puppies.

I'm Neil and my partner in crime is Annie, we have a 7 Month old Akita Inu called Suki, she is high energy, bouncy, and animal and people crazy, she is well socialised and is just about to finish her first puppy training course with Chris Briggs. Suki will be doing obedience classes until she is old enough to have a go at agility possibly. Although the idea of a hiking dog has crossed our minds.

We came across ARW when we were seaching for a similar aged dog / puppy for who to have as a fury companion, she is far more interested in other dogs and playtime with them than us mere humans, she is spoilt rotten and she is mauled by all of the family with lots of love, hugs, kisses and belly rubs!!

WE found Max on here and arranged to meet with him to see how he would get on with Suki, and they hit it off straight away, Suki pretty much dominates him, well tries to all the time despite being 10kg lighter and about 4 inches shorter.

Anyway we were accepted to adopt max and so we gladly brought him home this afternoon and he has been spoilt with attention and love, oh and Suki and him are having a great time in the garden and paddling pool!

Re: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 19:22 #5517

  • Stephanie
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Congratulations! We look forward to the pics and regular updates. I am sure it is very quiet at Marie's house this afternoon.

Oh and for anyone wondering, Max was neutered before he went ro live with his Suki!
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Re: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 20:08 #5518

  • Joomla
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Welcome to Neil, Annie, Suki and Maximus. They will certainly give you hours of fun !!!
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Re: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 20:11 #5519

  • stellalgray
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I am so pleased you have got Max - it sounds as if he has gone to the perfect home. It's great he's got a new sister to play with, and one that can control him too! Just sit back and watch the fun!

Re: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 20:53 #5520

  • xmuadx
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Hi to you all
I hope you have lots of fun with your two. We met Max and fell completely in love with him, and Marie had done a fabulous job as his foster mum.

Re: Suki and Max - 2Inus2012 09 Jun 2012 21:24 #5521

  • Dizzybird
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Loving the profile pic Neil!
They are a matching pair, i hope you get some peace tonight but im thinking they will still be playing now if Maxi has his way
Its a bit quiet without him, but MistyCat is happily sleeping, not something she was allowed to do whilst Max was here, i bet she misses him in a couple of days
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