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TOPIC: Hello All

Hello All 12 Aug 2012 18:34 #6175

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HI all
I recently took in a beatiful 10 week old female akita we have named her Kia. I have never owned a dog of the akita breed before and internet searches on the breed are quite scary hmmmmmm. I am determined to give this little girl a good and happy family life with me and my 2 children (they are 3 and 10). I would be so grateful for any advice and tips or reccomendations for a local dog school (we live in dunstable, Bedfordshire)
We really want to understand her and give her the best we can

Many thanx and i look forward to hearing from you guys

Amanda and Kia :

Re: Hello All 12 Aug 2012 19:24 #6176

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Hi Amanda, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here.
Kia looks a real sweetie. I am sure that others will be on to let you know the rights and wrongs of bringing up a Akita baby. Socialization is the most important thing and she needs to be out everyday meeting people and other dogs. Perhaps we have a few people near you that you can meet up with and go on little walks till she gets older ??
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Re: Hello All 12 Aug 2012 19:39 #6177

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Hi Amanda an Kia,
Welcome to the wonderful world of Akitas! Kia is a lovely baby, enjoy every minute, they grow at an amazing rate. Well done for wanting to learn all you can about the breed , they are fascinating. You are doing exactly the right thing by taking her to dog classes, sorry I can't help with that, even though I used to live in Dunstable ! Is Kia upto date with her injections? She will need to be ,to go to classes, plus a period after her final injection. It's very important to socialise this breed as much as possible from an early age. How is she with your children? Try to get them to help with her training, although only one at a time, or she will get bored and confused. We got Obi as a puppy and although we haven't got young children we have grandchildren visiting so we made sure they were involved right from the start. Getting them to sit and give paw, just small things at first. One word of advice, watch the mouthing that she will do, when she does that , tell her No and give her a toy instead. They mean this as a sign of affection but it hurts! A child might pull their arm away and get cut from the puppies sharp teeth. Of course this isn't a bite, but still , some could see it as such and then you would be devastated.
If brought up properly Akitas make brilliant family pets, they are very loving and very loyal to their family. Our Obi is now 7 months old and a real cuddle monster! Already he is showing his protective side, he sleeps downstairs with our older Akita, Kiri , but every night he goes upstairs after everyone has gone to bed and checks every door to make sure all is fine. Then trots off back downstairs again, he can sleep peacefully knowing his family is safe.
I'm sure you will be given lots of advice on here and will get lots of help. Just shout when you need to know something, someone on here will know.
We will all want lots of pictures though!
Christine, Kiri and Obi

Re: Hello All 12 Aug 2012 20:37 #6179

Hi Denise
Thanx for your reply. As soon as she has her injections i shall be working on her social skills. It would be fantastic if there is someone nearby who would be willing to spend a little time with us. I am very much looking forward to learning all i can about kia.


Re: Hello All 12 Aug 2012 20:42 #6180

Hi Christine
Thankyou so much for your reply and i shall definitly be calling on you for a few pointers. I shall be getting her injections soon and then we will really be able to get working lol. I cant wait and intend to share as much as i can with the children so that Kia is comfortable with all of us. will keep you updated and shall post more pics soon.


Re: Hello All 12 Aug 2012 22:58 #6181

Hi Amanda,

And welcome to the forum, Kia is gorgeous...congrats on your bundle of joy

I'm Jessica I own a West Highland White Terrier called Charlie Boy and he's 6..

I used to have two Akitas called Inka&Nushka but they sadly passed, early this year, if your wondering why I'm on this site and don't have Akitas,ah.

Anyway, best of luck with your girl, she's a beauty! Love her colours&markings and that...I can't help you with the classes as I live in the North East, but they do need early socialiazation and you need to keep at it too!

These dogs are definitely not the type breed thar you wasn't to be aggressive,especially with young children, they are so good natured though with the right training and environment, etc...

Keep us pupdated and plenty pictures, thanks

Jessica&Charlie Boy
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