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Re: Hello All 15 Aug 2012 11:38 #6240

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I do not get the taking the food away whilst they are eating, i should think that they are going to get narky, i would be the same if someone tried taking my food away ??
I think the best way of doing this is as Pauline has said, start putting INTO her bowl, so she sees hands means treats. You can also hand feed her, have the bowl on your knee and feed her her food small bits at a time from your hands, when she is comfortable with this then you can get her to sit beofre giving he her bowl.
There is no need to take her bowl away from her as it will confuse her.
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Re: Hello All 15 Aug 2012 15:39 #6244

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Please do NOT take her food away. How would you feel if someone kept taking your dinner away mid-meal ? Eventually you'd get defensive and protect your food too! If you want to teach object guarding that is how you could start to teach it, that is the opposite of what you want.

I would recommend adding very yummy food to the bowl, and teach her to leave the bowl and come away to you for a super yummy treat, then let her return to the bowl without taking it away. Also teaching a leave so she will drop/leave food and come to you is very useful.

It might be worth feeding her in a crate or somewhere quiet so she isn't disturbed or worried about having her food stolen while she's eating.

Re: Hello All 15 Aug 2012 16:51 #6245

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Hi Amanda
I agree with the others, not to take her bowl away, that will just give out confusing signals. My two Akitas are great with food but I did have a problem with a previous dog. Like Kia she used to growl and even snap if you went near her whilst eating. I decided to give her a tiny bit of food in her bowl, then when that was finished give a little bit by hand and alternating between the two. It took time and patience but she seemed to enjoy the connection to me. It also made her see that I was in charge of the food and she had to behave nicely around it. Akitas are fast learners so I'm sure she'll soon get the message!

Re: Hello All 17 Aug 2012 18:19 #6252

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She is beautiful!
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