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TOPIC: Hello

Re: Hello 10 Apr 2013 10:39 #8572

  • Graeme67
  • Bear Puppy
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Thanks for the welcomes

You've certainly got your work cut out @Akita lover forever. Sorry to hear about your poor dogs.. did Inka have a drinking problem ?

Beautiful boy and girl they were.

10 horses ? My GF would have the time of her life at your house. She absolutely loves them.

@Bensonsmum, thank you. How many akitas do you have ? All the one's in your sig ?

@denise, thanks. Your akita is lovely. Is it a he ? (hope so after saying it )

@Teresa, thanks you. I'm the same, always look at them & think I want another. Maybe if circumstances improve I will adopt. My brother has a staffie, but him & Snoop don't get along unfortunately. Another breed with an undeserved bad reputation.
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Re: Hello 10 Apr 2013 13:22 #8576

  • Joomla
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Yes Shiro is a boy, and he thinks he is to handsome for words lol !! He will be 11yrs in July, and is definatly a grumpy old man !!
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Re: Hello 11 Apr 2013 18:12 #8591

  • 2Inus2012
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I dont think Snoop is small he is a lovely handsome boy.

We have 2 Akita Inu's - Suki is positively tiny compared to most and Max is 46kg so lives up to his name.

Suki ALWAYS gets the better of him though and can floor him with a chest bump easily and when it comes to running poor Max doesn't stand a chance. He's getting faster tho When we rescued him from AR&W last June he had been crated for hours and hours on end and could only go for 15 min walks. He's a lean mean playing machine now though and loves his walks

Re: Hello 14 Apr 2013 11:34 #8613

Lovely photo of Max and Suki!

Inka just liked to enjoy a can or two when we camping! - I joke!

Your boy is lovely though! Staffies are lovely too! Oh and by the way, more pictures are always welcome!
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