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TOPIC: Hi from a newbie

Re: Hi from a newbie 29 Mar 2013 23:53 #8501

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Hi xmuadx and thank-you for the welcome.

I am used to stubborn dogs, Anatolian shepards are notorious for ignoring something they aren't interested in.
Can you tell me, are they lickers? Do they slobber? Can't find these answers on google

I need as much info as possible before making my decision.

What about food, any recommendations as to the best type?

I've just done a search on dog insurance which seems very reasonable. Inbetween £150 - £250 a year for lifetime cover with a £100 vet fees excess.

As you will all gather, I'm going to be a regular on here and your brains will be well and truly picked
Thanks again and if you can think of anything it is much appreciated.


Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 00:07 #8503

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Hi Bensonsmum, thank-you for your welcome, what a great place this is.

I'm so glad I found this group

The more I hear about them the more I think it's the breed for me. I am always muttering or chatting to myself, be nice to have a dog that shares my habit

Having had big breeds I realise how important it is to be firm and consistant.

I personally prefer dogs to bitches and would be looking for a boy over 5 years old. Do you think that's a good idea?

As I keep saying, anything you can think of that will help me is most welcome.

Thanks again.


Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 00:12 #8504

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We like lots of questions lickers, not to a great extent, other breeds Ive had lick far more, but that might be just my two! Slobber, one yes, one no! Kiri is as neat and ladylike as you would like, Obi is a bit of a slobberer, but he has looser jowls than most Akitas. He only slobbers after drinking, or occasionally at food! As a rule though, I would say Akitas aren't a slobbery dog. We might as well talk about kissing too! Akitas are usually very affectionate dogs with their family, and like nothing better than a nice kiss, my boy especially!

Food, we use Arden Grange. Kiri is very choosy and likes the sensitive , Obi has large breed adult now. We usually vary this with maybe a bit of fish, chicken or plain yoghurt on top of the food.
We find that this suits them very well, and both are healthy dogs.
Some people feed their Akitas a raw diet, and seem to get good results from that.

Insurance, we have John Lewis, £20 monthly never had to claim, but good cover, and lifetime cover is very important. I've also used Axa which is about £15 monthly, both for 7k of vets bills per year.

Your head will be spinning with all of this, so will leave you to soak this up!

Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 12:31 #8505

Hi Alsy and welcome to the forum!

If you like big dogs and Akitas especially then it looks like we are going to get a long just great

A bit about myself before we start....

My name is Jessica, I am 13 years old (don't be fooled by my age, I have been a member on this forum for quite a while now and I am experienced with Akitas, Dobermans, Rotties, St. Bernards, Newfies and GSD's!). My two Akitas, Inka and Nushka have passed away now but they will be sorely missed and never forgotten. I wish to own this breed again when I am older, also Great Danes and Labradoodles are a big favourite of mine! I currently own a 7 year old Westie called Charlie Boy who I do lots of trick training with and Agility competitions and fun dog shows. My other dog is a 7 year old Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel called Roman and I am looking into starting Flyball and Agility with him, he loves the water and a ball! My other pets are 2 cats called Kitty-Aslan and Snarfy, 4 ferrets called Lucy, Oxo, Polo and Snowy and 10 horses called Jasper, Ziggy, Marney, Rosie, Tango, Henry, Echo, Casper, Maddie and Dali I am hoping to become either a vet or a dog trainer+dog groomer when I am older, but yet again, it is never too late to try all! - I have already got my own dog walking service!

Enough about me - sorry, I like to share about all my animals!

The Akita, well, where to start, they are very well-known for their loyalty and looks! They are very stubborn dogs but they are very willing to learn if they are given the time, kindness and not to forget, treats!!! When you say you had St Bernards, Great Danes and Anatolian's, between that range of a dog being slobbery, well with an Akita involved it would go like this:

Most Slobbery: St. Bernard
Great Dane
Anatolian and Akita's are less slobbery! - So shouldn't have to worry too much there! However they do tend to drool when watching a treat or something!

They are wonderful dogs, I would highly recommend a dog, especially if you have experience with large dogs already! Especially considering that Great Danes and probably St. Bernards are larger than Akitas!

They do shed hair quite a bit depending on the times of year really, for example when it is summer and they are loosing their winter coat! But then again, they are double coated dogs so the dead under-hair will come out all round the year but with regular grooming the coat will not shed AS much.

Like the others say, they do like to snooze a lot and cuddle! But they can have aggression problems towards younger children, strangers and/or other animals. I personally think it depends on the dog and I also prefer males to bitches!

Inka and Nushka were both fed on Burns but then we moved to Arden Grange and I personally think that AG is better than Burns.

Hope this helps a bit, any questions, get asking!!

Welcome, also stick around and I hope you know that you can adopt Akita's from Akita rescue and welfare? Just have a browse on the dogs up for adoption and there are some bears in several different areas with different temperaments, etc!!

Jess! x
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Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 14:38 #8506

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A big hello to you Jess.
Thank-you so much for taking the time to write. I really enjoyed reading your post

Like you, I had lots of animals in my youth.

It certainly looks like I'll be completing an adoption form for an Akita in the very near future.

I will definitely be looking for one from the Akita welfare group.

Sorry I don't have time to write more at the moment, just wanted to thank you for your post.

Rest assured, I'll be back later.

Have a good day.

Bye for now

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Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 15:39 #8509

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Hi Alsy and welcome!

I have two Akitas, Hugo and Pip, who are 18 months and 1yr old respectively. Before that we had a long haired boy called Sid who we lost at the age of 12 last February. We vowed never to have another dog but only lasted 2 months before getting Hugo, shortly followed by Pip - they do tend to get under your skin so you can never imagine life without them.

Please, please go for an older dog, there are so many beautiful ones out there who desperately need a home and nobody seems to want them. As you say, you will hopefully miss the teenage years and find a great companion to mumble away to! I have promised myself that in future years I will foster the older dogs as these youngsters of mine at the moment are quite a handful. If you are interested I write a blog called the Hugo Diaries which you can get to on this link - hugodiaries.blogspot.co.uk - so you can see the sort of mischief they get up to. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't swap them for the world and I know that in a year or two they will calm down.

As for slobber, well they only drool a little bit if there is a tasty treat in the offing but Sid was a horror at having a drink of water and never swallowing the last mouthful before walking away - water everywhere!!

Hope you soon find a big fur baby of your own but, in the meantime, keep asking the questions.


P.S. On another subject - Hi Jess! I loved watching the flyball at Crufts but can you just imagine trying to get a team of Akitas to compete!!!!!
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