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TOPIC: Hi from a newbie

Re: Hi from a newbie 30 Mar 2013 15:59 #8510

Hi Stella, Hugo and Pip, I saw your gorgeous two on TV at Crufts!!

I was very excited when I saw AR&W on TV!!!

The Flyball was great and yes, the Akitas would just have a nice stroll towards the ball and then get the ball, run off with it in the crowd, us owners would be chasing the Akitas for a while and the Akita would be enjoying a nice cuddle by the audience then we would be headline on the News paper! - sounds about right to me!

Alsy; Glad you could get back to us, I think that by the sounds of things Furo could be a nice dog for you as I have read the description of his temperament and he sounds a lovely boy!

I agree with Stella though, many of the older dogs don't manage to get adopted with a lovely home as often as the younger dogs, so I think you are doing right by looking for an older dog! I really do have a lot of respect for all the forum members on here, there really is some amazing people and lovely dogs!

Re: Hi from a newbie 31 Mar 2013 11:58 #8519

  • Alsy
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Hi all.

Have had a good look at the dogs on this site. OMG they are beautiful.

Furo does look a wonderful boy but so do all the others.

How would I ever choose?

Do you think it's possible to go and see the dogs near me before I fill out an adoption form?

As always, thank-you all for your help and support

Alsy x

Re: Hi from a newbie 31 Mar 2013 12:37 #8520

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I'm sure that we can arrange for you to meet some of the dogs near you, or even possibly those that have Akita's, it would give you an idea on size and strength of them.
You can still fill out the adoption form, it does'nt mean you have to have one, and we can see if we have reps in your area to do the home check, if you got that done and out of the way, you can get your Akita asap with out having to wait for the home check, as it's already done !!!
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Re: Hi from a newbie 31 Mar 2013 22:36 #8525

Furo does look like a fantastic dog, he's quite wooly isn't he and woolies are said to have an even more laid back attitude than the average akita I've always wanted a wooly he's only 3 though so he'll still be quite lively and a bit teenagery But...I'd have him myself if I could
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Re: Hi from a newbie 08 Apr 2013 20:56 #8556

  • Alsy
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Hi all.

Haven't been on the forum as I've taken leave of my senses, just put an offer on a house

Hoping to complete and move in by the end of the month.

The seller is a client of mine and I've been to the house many times. I never took any notice of the garden till the other day. It's large and completely secure, 12ft walls and fencing, ideal for an Akita.

As soon as I get the keys I'm going to fill in an adoption form


Re: Hi from a newbie 08 Apr 2013 21:41 #8557

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Hi Alsy
Wondered where you had disappeared to! You don't hang around! We're you actually planning on a move, or , as you say, sheer impulse? It does sound like Akita heaven, but hopefully it has some attractions for you too!
I hope the move is as hassle free as possible, it can be done. I sold my house a few years back and it was so quick, compared to the previous sale many years ago.

Can't wait to see which of our Akitas will benefit from your garden, when the time's right.

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