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Re: Hi 24 May 2013 14:43 #8817

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The name Mitzi really suits her, she's very pretty They all seem to love stealing socks!

My girl is virtually the same colour as Mitzi, and her skin is a nice shade of pale pink. If the skin is red or inflamed/sore looking then I would pop her along to the vets. But, if it is a nice pale pink and isnt irritating or itching her then I wouldnt worry. You can always post a pic if youre unsure.

You will know about it when she has her first proper blow Its like a movie from the wild west, tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling everywhere. There are some good grooming tools out there which mean it only lasts a couple of weeks.
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: Hi 24 May 2013 22:17 #8819

I love that picture of mitzi with her sock My old Benny used to steal a sock and we had to say "what's Benny got!!" then he'd run off with the sock until we cought him he made it into a ritual every single morning he did it for most of his almost 12 years, it was very endearing

As for the pink tummy, my Asia has a very pink tummy that can be seen when she casts

Teresa is right about the wild west blow we use a ferminator, it really gets all the fur out, but Asia has been moulting since christmas it's almost at an end now though, I think her poorly leg and her op has held up the end of her moult because I couldn't groom her properly
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