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TOPIC: Hi folks, and how are you?

Hi folks, and how are you? 30 Oct 2013 20:19 #9285

  • astral1
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Hey there.
Just signed up, so figured id do the short Bio thing.

Me, John, 53, living with Tracy (partner), and Kaiya a 10 year old Akita female (totally spoiled, of course).
We are from the Chester area of UK, been here around 50 years.

Ive had various dogs before, as has my family. Tracy was a different story, LOL.
In her infinite wisdom, when her son was about 13, she thought it a good idea to have a dog, their first.
As it happened, a friend of a friend bred Akitas, and they had a litter almost ready for sale . . .
Many of us who knew Tracy at that time tried to tell her that an Akita might not be a good first dog, specially as she is a very houseproud person.
Somehow Kaiya has survived, and indeed prospered through those last ten traumatic years, and she is now my best friend forever, after having bitten me twice, LOL. (both times my stupidity, and lack of knowledge of the breed)

I now live in fear of waking up and finding my beloved Kaiya beginning the walk toward that rainbow bridge, so i figured id have a look here, see what goes on, and pick a few folks brains

See ya around,
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Re: Hi folks, and how are you? 30 Oct 2013 22:40 #9286

  • Teresa
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Hi John, Tracey and Kaiya (lovely name)

Welcome to the forum. Akita's are a very moreish breed, but not for the faint hearted

They are not everyones first time dog thats for sure, but where do you start? We were all first time owners once.
I have a headstrong but beautiful long haired 3 year old girl named Tia, shes spoilt and I call her Princess Tia She's my second akita. I had my first way back in 2000, you didnt see many of them around then. Her name was Kita (original hey)
I also have an 18 month old staffie, referred to as The Orange Dog by his friends
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: Hi folks, and how are you? 01 Nov 2013 16:55 #9289

Hello and welcome John Kaiya and family

I love your pictures of Kaiya, she soooo reminds me of my first akita Benny We got Benny from a great breeder and trainer in 1996! wow that sounds like so long ago! Benny was my best friend and we went through a lot together, I took him and his pal Eddie to training classes ans despite the trainer calling him "pea brain" he got his begginers certificate and his GCD kennel club certificate and rossette, I was os proud of him, he managed to shange the opinion of akita's with the trainer and many other people, he went from "one of those killer dogs" (idiot peoples opinion) to "Benny the big soft bear" hewas going on 13 when he went to the bridge, so try not to worry too much about your Kaiya leaving for the bridge just yet as you know Akita's are very stubborn, they don't leave easily

We now have Asia, we got her from AR&W, she was about 2 years old and needed a lot work for a couple of years, she was nervous of women and had no manners or training at all, she also had undiognosed severe allergies which we've now got under control We're together all day and all night and she is everything to me Since moving from London to a small country town in Norfolk Asia has become well know in the town, some people call her the "sitting dog" because she loves to plonk herself down, out of the blue, and watch the world go by almost everyone wants to stroke her and she always oblidges by sitting down and giving her sweetest expression Arn't our akita's just sooooo special

Good to see you here and I hope you post more piccy's
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