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TOPIC: Hi from Charlie and I

Hi from Charlie and I 13 Jan 2014 18:09 #9389

  • Charlie
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Hi all,
I came across this site a couple of days ago and have been hooked since, so I thought I might as well join.

I am 'dad' to a beautiful 6 year old Akita called Charlie, he is not from a rescue center but was rescued by someone that lives nearby. Fortunately for us, he had other dogs that did not like Charlie so we took him on when he was about 18 months. Unfortunately Charlie had a total of 5 homes before coming to live with us. One person was nasty to him, the others just did not know what they were doing when they took him on.
Amazingly he fitted in to our family straight away (well...apart from the first night when he trashed the living room and I managed to sleep through it. I had slept downstairs to help him settle in).

This is Charlie on his first day with us (not happy after a bath!):
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Charlie is a bossy boots that always gets his own way, he knows what he likes and does not like! He is also the most loving dog we could have ever wished for.

This is Charlie 2 years later aged 4 (summer time) in the bath again!
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Again the same year but in December:
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This is Charlie now aged 6:
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We joined the site after seeing an Akita in Previously helped section, I do not know if we would adopt an Akita but they are pulling on my heart strings and I do not know what to do. Charlie is 6 and lived without other pets for 4 1/2 years. We have friends with dogs, and Charlie never shows aggression so the door is not closed, we just have to be sensible which might mean not being able to adopt in the near future.

We were originally looking to breed Charlie, (then as I say I found this site) as he is truly an amazing dog and the thought of him passing on leaving no legacy of him own breaks my heart. He is an amazing dog that suffered a lot at the start and has blamed nobody. We opened our home to him and he opened his heart to us in return.

Anyway, long intro but hi to all and I look forward to learning as much as I can about Akita's and their awesome owners. Our family is myself, my partner, my teenage son and Charlie.
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Re: Hi from Charlie and I 16 Jan 2014 14:57 #9391

  • Teresa
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for taking Charlie into your home and heart and giving him his forever home. How awful the poor boy had so many homes so early on in his life.

He looks adorable, especially wrapped up in his blanket, very comfy Gulp at you sleeping through him trashing the house though, there must have been a destruction circle around you

I am glad you have found our page and that you are enjoying the reading. Have a look at our dogs in need section, we have some beautiful dogs available for adoption. Our beloved Akita breed is needing help at far greater a pace than we can keep up with. You dont realise until you actually have a look and see how many need help. Charlie is a lucky boy
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !

Re: Hi from Charlie and I 17 Jan 2014 17:06 #9394

Welcome to the forum Charlie and Charlies dad

Thank you for taking charlie in and making a very happy and loved akita He's a very handome boy and I love the look on his face in the very wet dog picture That expression is a very familiar one when Asia gets wet in the rain and has to be dried off, she hates being dried

I'm glad you're thinking of adopting another akita, but even though charlie is very good with other dogs that he meets (I'm assuming that's dogs he meets outside) he may not be good in "his" home, it might be worht seeing how he is with another dog in "his" house, but I'd have him on a lead for first introductions just in case If he's okay maybe you could think about fostering an akita I'd love to foser but I know Asia wouldn't have a dog in "her" house, she's great with dogs outside, well as long as it isn't a terrier she was food possesive when we first got her so I wouldn't want to chance her setting off again

Welcome from me and Asia
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Re: Hi from Charlie and I 01 Feb 2014 20:14 #9426

  • Charlie
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Hi all, thank you for your reply, been a hectic couple of weeks so I have only had the chance to view the site not been able to stop and message.

bensonsmum: Most dogs meet him outside, he had two friends that come into the house. One has passed away but the other one is pretty calm around Charlie. It is Charlie that gets excited around other dogs.
You have hit on something there though, Charlie is very food possessive. He is never alone and does not get possessive around his (human) mum but everyone else can forget it. So there is a long way to go with Charlie but he is a loving dog so in the long run I think there is hope.

Thank you for your messages and welcomes.

Re: Hi from Charlie and I 04 Feb 2014 17:05 #9427

I'm sure you'll get there with Charlie as I mentioned my Asia was food possesive when we got her, well actually she looked like an angry hyena when she had a bone, I couldn't go near her! but eventually I got her to carry the bone into the garden and put it down then leave it I don't think she was being a "nasty aggressive dog" it was more that she just hadn't learnt how to behave, she was also protective over her dinner in her bowl, but we got over that one within a few weeks I think once they realize that they don't have to protect their food (from human or dog) they calm down
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Re: Hi from Charlie and I 04 Feb 2014 23:04 #9428

  • Suky
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Welcome to you and Charlie.

I love Charlie's I'm not amused look in that photo, aged 4, of him after a bath. It is glorious.

Perseverance, firmness with kindness, lots of treats and lot of love and he will continue to give you a huge amount of joy.

Sue and Thorn. He's the one with the tugger only 5 months after being adopted by us
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