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TOPIC: Hello I'm Emma

Hello I'm Emma 20 Jan 2014 11:01 #9398

Hello... My name is Emma and I am new to this forum....

My partner has just rehomed an Akita called Ruby.. She is 4 years old...

The reason we have taken her is that his daughter has 2 young kids and while Ruby is great with the kids she was not getting the exercise that she needed..
She was originally rescued as a puppy and was rehomed by an older lady, sadly she had to part with her as she has brittle bone disease and Ruby was just too strong to cope with when out on walks, so my partners daughter took her in...

She is a great dog, perfectly mannered and has a reasonable relationship with my spaniel....
i wouldnt leave them unattended together at this time but they get on quite well..

There was the snaps and snarles to begin with but the last 10 days have been peaceful and tranquil
I am not sure if Ruby will stay as a permanent fixture with us as my partner can be away working ( he is a HGV driver) but it would have to be a perfect home and be the right decision for Ruby....

I will updated with a picture very soon...

Look forward to talking with you all...

Re: Hello I'm Emma 22 Jan 2014 12:35 #9401

Hello and welcome Emma and Ruby

Thank you for helping Ruby I'm sure she will be feeling a little unsettled for a while, from my experience akita's take a little while to settle, my first akita Benny always sulked for 3 weeks or more when we moved house and my Asia, who I now ownes me took months to settle when we re-homed her, we were her 3rd owners in 2 years, she also took a month to settle when we last moved house. But it's good that Ruby is getting on with your spanial, what sex is your spaniel? I only ask because same sex dogs living together can result in fighting problems But you're doing the right thing not to leave them together unattended until you get to know Ruby better try to establish a regular rutine with her and add some training (just basic obedience, sit, down ect.) every day as this will establish some trust and pecking order, do it as a fun thing though and maybe use treats, akita's get bored very quikly if they think you're being to "bossy" that's why they don't do recall at all well, some do but it's very rare so we always recomend no off-lead, get a very strong extending lead and they can have just as much fun but if you're in a very well secured area yiu might be able to let her off lead

Anyway I'm rattling on too much if you need to ask anything at all please just ask
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Re: Hello I'm Emma 22 Jan 2014 18:16 #9404

Thank you ....
Loxley, (my spaniel) is a boy with no bits, ruby is spade as well so hoping that will work in our favour... She has started to settle nicely and enjoys belly rubs
We are very strict on good manners so we reward good behaviour and she is a darling
I have horses so we use an Indoor school to allow her to play off the lead, safe and secure
We are taking small steps with her so fingers crossed !!!

Re: Hello I'm Emma 23 Jan 2014 16:55 #9405

Sounds like the perfect set-up for Ruby Please keep us up to date with how she's settling in It's always good to hear a positive rescue story
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