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TOPIC: hello

hello 27 Jun 2014 20:24 #9514

Hello, i would like to introduce you all to my beautiful pooch max. i have come on here to find information about furthering his training and finding out other general information

i got max at 9 months old, he was very well socialized with kids which is great because i have a 6 year old, he lived with cats so he has never really been interested in chasing them. unfortunately he was never walked and never socialized with other dogs, was over weight and his fur and teeth weren't in the greatest of condition but you could tell he was a great dog.

when i first took him out he was instantly aggressive to the first dog we saw, well for about 10-15 seconds. since then he has become very good with all dogs he walks off his lead and generally likes to chill as we walk. he is now 15 months old and is doing really well he has the occasional bad day where he decides to play a bit rough with some dogs but then he is still a puppy

he has a little friend, a boxer, who he can play rough with and he is always happy and relaxed
we met a female akita in the park which he likes to play with too

now i want to just refine him a bit
1. improve his recall as its really good but its not always instant if he fixes his eyes on a dog he is going to it for a sniff before he comes back i want it to be instant
2. i want him to swim he has done a few times but he normally stands in the water waits for dogs to come back and then jumps around trying to get them to play
3. i want him to lay, he will sit fine but no matter what i try he seems uninterested in laying down
4. i want him to play fetch, sometimes he does others he just chases the ball and then walks off from it then other times he will just ignore it

i cant use treats because outside of the house he doesnt want treats not even his favorites chicken and bacon
any other ways i could do this would be great
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Re: hello 27 Jun 2014 23:10 #9520

Hello and welcome to the forum Dave What a looker Max is hw looks very sweet and it sounds like you've don a great job with getting him to socialize with dogs my asia was very "nasty" to to other dogs when I got her, but she was 2 years old and took longer than your Max to get over it, but she's a good girl now

As for your questions about improving some of his training:-

Recall...sounds very normal for an akita, they are renowned for ignoring recall when they are distracted by something else, I think you've done brilliently to get him to the stage you've got him to so far you may never get him beyond what he's doing now, as an akita he will always be "independently minded" he' ll come when he wants to and not when you say but maybe if you stick at it he might come everytime you recall him.......but....maybe not

His water play sounds hillarious Akita's like water but from my xperience they don't tend to put effort into swimming often My Asia loves the water but she only wades up to tummy water level, never swims, but sometimes will do a quick paddle if she wades into deeper water most of the time she wades then justs plonks herself down in the middle of the water and watches the world go by

Play fetch....well yet again an akitas might fetch once, maybe twice and that's not a common trait in an akita, after two retreives most akita will think... hmmmmm. everytime I bring this ball back he throws it again...... nah...waste of my time My Asia has actually retreived three times on the trot but never again, if she's in the mood she'll play "tug a teddy" but only if she instigates it So your Max sounds like a typical akita, but given time and patience you might get an improved recall and retrive one day
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Re: hello 27 Jun 2014 23:23 #9523

im going to jump in the river with him tomorrow and see if he will swim with me to the other side he usually follows me anywhere so im hoping that will work
he has swam a few times but its normally chasing other dogs in as he really loves stealing another dogs toy so he does try to beat them to it

what helped me with his recall at first was if he ran off i just walked the other way he would stop and wait and then get upset and come find me its taken 4 months but he is now 95% of the time coming on command but i want to get to the point that he doesnt go off in the first place i know it can be done
we see a 3 year old female who sticks no more than 5-10ft from her owner at all times unless he allows her to go play

iv just sent an adoption form too i want a female friend to keep him company while i go to the gym lol

Re: hello 27 Jun 2014 23:25 #9524

thank you too he is a beautiful lad he looks rather scruffy at the moment though its the last bit of his shedding i think he is pretty much done now though

Re: hello 04 Jul 2014 22:38 #9530

My Asia is looking a bit scruffy too, she's just finishing a really bad moult, it'd made her feel very under the weather but she's finally started to perk up now
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Re: hello 06 Jul 2014 18:58 #9532

  • Teresa
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Hi Dave & Max, welcome to the ARW forum.

Max is a handsome boy, well done taking him under your wing and giving him a loving home.

I agree with what Pauline has said above

Akita's are hunting dogs and are know to have a very poor level of recall . They can be perfect 99.9% of the time, but the minute they focus on an object of prey, then woooosh, what recall, what dog, where?? Those horse lines are great for giving loads of freedom to run but just you still have full control.

My Akita Tia, loves the water and tries to go as deep as possible, but she never has enough lead left to try swimming. She hates the hose pipe, hates the bath, and hates the paddling pool.But, the minute she sees the canal or the lake, she cant wait to try and get in there for a good paddle.

Youre very lucky if he will play fetch. They usually look at the you then the ball, and you can see it ticking over in their mind. You threw it, you fetch it silly!
If your dog doesn't like someone, then you probably shouldn't either !
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