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Short sighted Akitas?
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TOPIC: Short sighted Akitas?

Re: Short sighted Akitas? 03 Apr 2012 20:41 #4465

awwww my male use to do this its so cute i think they are fairly quick learning tricks are they not?

Re: Short sighted Akitas? 03 Apr 2012 20:56 #4466

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Not really sure, I tried to teach him to bark on command but never did lol. The Alsatian learn't very quick, but George if he didn't want to do it you had no chance. The only way he would do it was to say (sound daft really)
but if he wanted something or attention i'd say >is it a woof woof<,,,,he would go woof. No bark. He was funny that way..Strange the thing some things we do with out pets.if anyone heard they probably would think i was nuts.

Re: Short sighted Akitas? 03 Apr 2012 22:23 #4471

I think they're quick to learn tricks if they're getting something out of it for themselfs Asia learnt very quickly that if she pokes me hard in the leg when I'm chopping up her dinner she gets a little treat, at first I thought it was cute but now she doesn't only poke me, she digs her claws in and drags her paw down my leg! I think she thinks she's going to get a bigger treat So, she learnt that trick very quickly, but trying to get her to come in from the garden when I call her takes more than a few requests it's usually "Asia come in " Asia! Come Here!!" to " Asia!!!! Come in Now!!!!" to finally "AAAAAASIA!!!!! GET YER BACKSIDE IN HERE THIS MINUTE!!!!!!!!" she usually responds to that
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Re: Short sighted Akitas? 03 Apr 2012 23:20 #4475

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Sound funny lol
If i raised my voice to George he'd just look at as if to say,,(what's that film?) YOU talkin to me?
You had no chance, talk to him with a normal voice and not a problem.

Re: Short sighted Akitas? 03 Apr 2012 23:48 #4479

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Akita-lover-forever wrote:
Awwh what lovely pictures! You can tell he had a great home!

And my Westie does this but yet again my Akita Inka used to do that too but your George is the only other one I have seen do it.....Nushka just wouldn't leanr she couldn't get the hang of it ahah bless her!

Your dog was lovely I love him!!

Jessica&Charlie Boy

thanks i didn't think dogs of this size could do it but he seemed to enjoy it in his way knowing though FOOD WAS COMING LOL..
It's one of the pics that always make me happy knowing that he was happy but sad because we lost him...
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