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TOPIC: kobis setback

Re: kobis setback 17 Feb 2012 22:00 #3666

Glad you called that woman's bluff David ....& you were quite right to point out that your dog was controlled & on a lead while her dog wasn't...if the police had come, they would have soon pointed that out to her...good for you, just keep taking Kobi to the same place,...it's a shame the incident has affected him, was hoping it wouldn't....I was lucky with Maya when it happened to her...she's always on the lookout for other dogs, but she didn't become aggressive, thank goodness....it probably will take a bit of time for Kobi to get his confidence back, after all he was bitten ....I don't think Kobi's being aggressive, he's probably very nervous & insecure & like Denise said, plenty of patience & time & he will probably calm down....hope you're both healing well & give Kobi hugs & xxxxx from us all. .....Pam Maya & Scoobie

Re: kobis setback 17 Feb 2012 22:05 #3668

Lovely reply!!!!! And yes I agree with you there;)

Jessica and the gang.

Re: kobis setback 18 Feb 2012 16:07 #3699

  • hitman44
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and what exactly would she have said if she had called them something like hello police theres someone on the field with an akita on the lead.ive realised there just not worth getting hot under the collar over
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