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TOPIC: my pretty girl

Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 16:16 #4259

Yeh thats exactly how Nush was! Ahahaha, they are funny aren't they, there so big and people think that there tough, but there really not!!!!!!! There just BBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIII........GGGGGGGGGGG softies!!!

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 16:34 #4263

Jessica you are soooo right about them being so big but not tough My big bear a was proper baby today, she was was in the garden half laying by the coal box (coal container thingy bob) today and she had a very sad look on her face, I could see she was very worried about something, so I went over to her and bent down beside her to see what was bothering her, she looked at me as if to say "help me" she held her front paw up, I looked at it thing she`d done something nasty to it, but what do you think was bothering her? a flipping ladybird was crawling over her paw!!!!! I removed the ladybird and she leapt off like a lamb what a big old wimp I'll have to try and capture it on vidio next time, there's so many ladybirds around at the moment that it won`t be long before madam Asia goes all "poodle" on me again
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Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 16:47 #4265

Ahahhaha thats hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! What a softie, Charlie sulked for a few weeks when Inka moved to my dads house, and Charlie is so adveturous and tough for such a small dog..........well he thinks he is anyway! Little softie, he has a really deep bark for such a small dog

Ahahhaa, Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 17:36 #4267

  • Stephanie
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Pauline, it is bumble bee season and Anouk likes to hunt and eat them. A ladybird would simply be swallowed whole. She is also an avid fly catcher too...... YUK! No kisses thank you!!
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Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 17:49 #4270

  • curlytail
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Last year holly went thru a phase of snorting brown ants until her nose swole up and she was in pain, guess what shes been out there to day doing the same.

Also if I get the nail cutters out she growls at me then hides the big wimp

Re: my pretty girl 27 Mar 2012 20:21 #4274

Ahaha, there so cute are't they! And soft of course........Charlie LOVES to chase fles in the garden too, he trues his hardest to catch them but hes only small so cant exactly reach, ahaha, the silly boy but he is a good little jumper though!

Eeeeeehh, I love him loads seriously I do!

Jessica&Charlie Boy
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