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Re: Hugo 18 May 2012 19:12 #5164

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Thankfully they do settle down and adjust to a new home and the need to gather and destroy does lessen. Thorn destroyed his bed within two days of arriving. He had lost us! I was in the bedroom and Mike was in the bathroom so poor Thorn was left with nothing to do but tear up that bed.

He tore up the next one we got him and then we worked out that he does not like sleeping on a bed so he has never had another. He prefers to lie on the carpet, ready for action in case he is needed to guard us at night.

The toys are always distributed around the house and it does not matter if we are in or out. Today he was squeaking (a cross between a cry and a bark) as he could not decide on which toy ot play with. In the end he gave up and got a selection out which he carefully arranged around the toybox. He then decided to lie in the garden for a while, watching snails. Why does he watch snails??

I thought the coast was clear and gathered them up so I could run the poor hoover over the carpets and remove the latest shed of Akita fur. Who said the shed was over in 3 weeks? His lasts all year round. Oh! I had offended him and he lovingly retrieved his very large tugger and arranged it nicely behind my feet so that if I stepped backwards I would fall over it.

He plays this trick on me in the kitchen. I am working and he puts toys behind my feet. Grrr!

Smiling actually as he is so lovely and endearing. I cannot think why on earth two previous homes gave him up Their loss, our gain as he is gorgeous.
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Thorn sounds so full of character I love the snail watching thing Asia watches ants! weird and just like Thorn her very large teddies are distibuted around the house and in the garden she has such a daily rutine that she's made up, every morning she chooses a bear and it's straight out into the garden even if its raining she squeeks at the door until I let her out then she stands looking so sorry for herself with ther bear in her mouth She always decides to "kill" her bear when I'm doing my excersizes and I get the giant bear stuffed into my thighs until I grap its arm to play tug and shake, but she's so vigerous that she nearly knocks me flying! I love her little ways, she's so precious
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Re: Hugo 13 Jun 2012 22:17 #5613

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Congratulations on adopting Hugo. He has landed on his paws with you lot.
I love the green carpet explosion.
He looks rather dashing in his scarf. I think he might look good in an ARW bandana.........
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