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Re: KODIES RECOVERY 30 May 2012 22:46 #5374

My old Benny used to love a massage on his poorly arthritic back legs, he'd stretch them rrrrright out and lay on his back while I gently rubbed his legs and hips
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Re: KODIES RECOVERY 31 May 2012 06:32 #5375

  • AkitaInu
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You need to take recovery really slowly for cruciate rupture. We only introduced stairs 7 weeks post op. He's still on lead walks only 8 weeks post op and won't go off-lead until 12 weeks post-op. If they suddenly twist wrong and snap the repair the prognosis is not good. You also need to build up the supporting muscles slowly as they'll be atrophied from compensating for the injury for the 6 weeks post op recovery (which can cause the other one to rupture).

If you pm me your email address I can send you the physio program we've been using. It's quite comprehensive.

Re: KODIES RECOVERY 08 Jun 2012 19:00 #5511

Best of luck to getting better,your looking great Kodie!

Jessica&Charlie Boy

Re: KODIES RECOVERY 01 Jul 2012 21:20 #5753

  • tigger68
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sorry its taken so long to reply been real busy
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Re: KODIES RECOVERY 01 Jul 2012 22:32 #5754

  • Suky
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A long time ago I had a beautiful German Shepherd. He twisted a knee and was limping for ages. The vet said it should have got better so I was wondering.......... watching him I noticed that just once in a while he would start to limp on the wrong paw but quickly moved to the right one. They love the attention and do anything to prolong it.

However Kodie has had a pretty important repair and it is not wise to push the recovery too fast. I think I would let Kodie get away with it for a quite a bit longer. Kodie is obviously getting better but this is done better slowly and massage for the arthritics sounds good as stiffness will set in.


Re: KODIES RECOVERY 02 Jul 2012 08:06 #5755

  • akita1
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My boy Zak has some stiffness in his back legs I am giving him Flexijoint tablets which contain Glucosamine,Chondriitin,Vitamin c its a bit early to tell if they are helping or not yesterday morning when i took him out he was trotting so fast i had to run to keep up and i guess that if his legs back were too painful he would not do it yet last night his last walk he seemed a bit down, when we go out in the car i have to help him in now as he wants to jump in but seems reluctant getting out is no problem as his weight is on the front legs.Speedie recovery to Kodie from Bill&Zak.
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