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TOPIC: Neo is home

Re: Neo is home 14 Nov 2012 00:27 #7365

diva will come round eventually, she'll fall for his puppy charms
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Re: Neo is home 14 Nov 2012 13:02 #7366

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She is coming round..problem with diva is she plays so rough and makes some real scary noises...so with Blade i dont worry but when she makes the same noises with Neo i worry..she has played with him in the garden today and was good even when he was swinging off her tail xx

Re: Neo is home 17 Nov 2012 00:13 #7381

Sounds like she's giving it a go When I had two boy dogs they would play and make noises as if they were trying to kill each other, it was very scary! but we left them to it and trusted that everything was okay, eventually we got used to the constant snarling stomack churning "chit chat" between them I'm sure, given time you'll get used to Missy Diva's scary noises Eventually my dogs tone of voice did calm down and we got to know exactly what they were "saying" to each other it sounds like Neo understands what she 's saying to him
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Re: Neo is home 21 Nov 2012 19:21 #7422

He is beautiful!!

I am sure he will make an amazing show dog!

He is a stunner! Keep us pupdated!

Jessie and Charlie Boy!
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