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Re: JD 19 Nov 2012 15:33 #7398

He looks like he's keeping his weight down Dawn I'm still trying to get madams weight down but so far she still looks "curvy" she gets a weigh in soon though
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Re: JD 21 Nov 2012 13:32 #7410

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We are working on it Pauline but I have a secret feeder upstairs all I hear is all gone JD all gone then she goes quiet and he comes down a few mins later I know he's had something or he would stay there till he gets something

I try to stop her but its so hard so i have to cut him down in other ways

apart from this he's doing well but his joints are getting stiff now xxxxxx

Re: JD 21 Nov 2012 18:28 #7414

I am so glad that the Braveheart Bear JD is doing well! Sorry I haven't been on much lately! Been really busy, especially with starting my GCSE's and everything! I miss you all guys! How you all doing? Charlie has gained a bit of weight aswell! By the way guys...have any of you thought of joining the Your Dog forum? Its really good, I am on it and all the people are really nice and have some lovely doggies, there is a few Akitas on but the owners don't really come on the forum much, I always mention you guys and sometimes tell them announcements that come on this forum for you! Also advertising dogs that need adopting I sometimes put on!

They would love some more members on the site!

Anyway, Charlie Boy is 0.8kg overweight as he had his weight check the other week! Were working on it though! I really have missed you all!

Hows the beautiful Asia?

Jess and Charlie Boy!

Re: JD 22 Nov 2012 13:14 #7432

Hello Jess, good to see you popping in

So we have a podgy Charlie boy do we I'll let Asia know, maybe she won't feel as if she's on her own with her diet then But at least Charlie has only got a bit to get off, Madam has got to go down by about 5 kilo's, whatever that is in pounds I think she's looking a bit slimmer, but we'll find out when she gets weighed we've cut out her lamb and replaced it with chicken so that should help, I've also stepped up our walking pace, she actually goes into a fast trot now! but, blimey! I'm a bit on the worn out side keeping up with her! maybe I'll lose a bit of weight too
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