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TOPIC: introducing two male akitas

introducing two male akitas 29 Oct 2015 13:08 #10015

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has anyone got any advice on how to introduce two male akitas one is 2 and the other is 16 months i was just wandering if theres a safe way to do this and is it possible any advice would be greatly appreciated ty

Re: introducing two male akitas 29 Oct 2015 16:27 #10016

I had a male akita who was introduced to my old cross breed, they were good from the start, but as soon as the akita reached the "teenage" about the age yours are stage he just wanted to have a pop at the cross breed on many occasions, so I would say two males is usually a no no, they more often than not will have problems. But if you do it slowly it can work, I would suggest introducing them in and open outside area such as your garden, have them on leads and don't just let them off lead to go mad together, keep the lead lose and allow them to do all the doggy hello stuff, do these sort of slow introductions on lead a few times, take them on "on lead" walks together and keep a close eye on them. I took my akita and cross breed to a good training class together once a week, you need to let them know that you are in control, but not in a harsh aggressive way, just by instructions and being calm but in control, they need to see (as my trainer said) that they have to get through you if they attempt to have a goat each other, using a stern tone (don't shout or be too animated, this will just make the dog think that you're joining in with the excitement of the aggression) but hopefully you won't need to stop them popping at each other. I never fed my two in the same place they were fed in seperate rooms and then I gave them 15/20 mins before reintroducing them in the garden, it was a rutine I had to go through with every meal

Are your're two castrated, if not you should get them done right away.

A male and female is usually recommended, but it's still risking problems. I think having two large male akita's would need constant monituring as to two large male akita's fighting ......well... I'd say it would be nearly impossible to stop the fight, especially if you're on your own A male akita can weigh anything up to and over 45/50 kilos, that around 100 kilo's of dog to hold back in a fight

I hope that's been of some help.
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Re: introducing two male akitas 30 Oct 2015 14:48 #10018

I would strongly recommend you don't have 2 male Akita's living together, nor 2 female Akita's, in fact the same goes with other breeds too.. They might seem to get on well together, but if one has a grumpy day, then it wouldn't be a very pretty sight if they went for each other. My Maya a few months ago went for my friends Lab Roxy, who comes over & stays with us. Maya & her get on great together, but this day Roxy had Maya's bone ( Maya was waiting for Roxy to finish with it ) & Roxy growled at Maya, well that was it, Maya was on her in a flash, I couldn't part them & luckily my son came running through & dragged Maya off her. It was awful to watch & hear & hope it never happens again, hence the bones are put away when Roxy visits!!!! Akita's are very powerful when they fight & most of them weigh from 35k upwards, that's a lot of weight & power. It's up to you, but I personally would not recommend you have 2 males.

Re: introducing two male akitas 30 Oct 2015 16:17 #10020

Manita0788 is so right when she said " well that was it, Maya was on her in a flash," when my Benny went for my cross breed it was full force, nothing was going to get him to stop, only my husband dragging him off Eddie stopped blood shed, but I managed to get a fang puncture in my arm
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