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We have Sheru, a 18mth male (castrated) Akita. He’s an amazing family dog and is perfect with our 10 month old baby. I’m beginning to return to work after maternity leave and needed a dog walker 2 days a week.

We interviewed a few and decided on one. Made several slow introductions, he joined us on dog walks, he took sheru out while I was at home a few times. Finally on Wednesday the first time he came to our home when we were at work and took Sheru out, all fine. But yesterday when dropping sheru back to our home, he unclipped his lead and out of nowhere Sheru growled and immediately snapped and bit his hand. He punctured the skin it was quite nasty and needed it cleaned at hospital.

Obviously I was horrified and devastated for us and the dog walker.

We’ve had no signs of real aggression like that before, he’s not overly keen on strangers stroking or making a fuss of him, when he’s had enough he growls and occasionally mouthed us. But this is the first time he’s properly bitten and i really just need some advice?

I now don’t want to get another dog walker and am obviously concerned as we have a baby although, maybe naively I don’t believe he would ever hurt his family.

Do we just have to accept, we always have to be cautious of strangers coming in the house, or do we need to be wary when we’re out too? Should we muzzle etc?]]>
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